Hotel Klockerhof


The history of the Klockerhof begins back in 1958,

when our grandparents, Elisabeth and Josef  Koch, moved from the lower village up to the Widum section of town, and began to build the Klockerhof in this glorious scenic location.

The original name of our establishment comes from the profession of our great grandfather who, as a village smith, once used to make a variety of cowbells. From as far back as the 17th century, our ancestors had been exporting these bells to neighboring countries.

At that time, the house was mostly used for agricultural purposes. though five simple double rooms were constructed.

Ten years later, in 1968, we expanded from 5 to 10 guest rooms.

In 1972, our grandparents decided to run the Klockerhof as a guesthouse, now also offering guests the option of half-board. And in doing so, the barn and the cowshed gave way to new construction, with 12 guestrooms being constructed to upscale standards. In this period, our father, who had collected all kinds of work and life experiences, returned home in order to begin working in the kitchens. Sadly, our grandfather Josef passed away in 1975.


1980 brought us plenty of cause for celebration: on the one hand our parents, Anton and Johanna, got married in May (our mother, incidentally, grew up in Carinthia). On the other, it was also in this year that Christian first saw the light of day.

The next remodeling project was not long in the offing - in 1984, we again expanded our establishment with the addition of more rooms featuring all the comforts. Also in the same year, in July, Christian got a little sister.

Since, as we know, all good things come in threes, I also came along in 1986 and completed the family.

1989 saw yet another remodeling and addition of two family rooms and two apartments. Also in this year, our farming activities were finally moved, once and for all, to the farmhouse in Moos. Four years later, in 1993, we built today's guest lounge and bar, along with a ski-storage facility.


In 2000, Christian graduated from Villa Blanka school of hotel management in Innsbruck, spending time at different hotels, before returning home to join the family business a few years later.
Shortly thereafter, our beloved grandmother, Elisabeth, passed away.